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je has made me come full circle.  i once took all my writing off this journal cuz i din't think i'd be coming up with much after leaving sch but shige has changed my mind :p  i'm still a little amazed that i've amassed enuff stuff tat i can count them on more than one hand.

then i discovered tat suju is way scarier than je XDDD

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kyuhyun eyes closed

[suju] drabble: a handprint (kyuhyun(/zhoumi))

title: a handprint
written: 110715

summary: after kyuhyun's accident sometime during sjm's long-stay in taiwan. qmi if u noe how to look. wc: 229.
notes: haven't written for a long, long while.  scrawled this while in transit at an airport i no longer remember where.  tot i might as well put it up.

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hyukchul dream con

[suju] fic: one-second genius (hyukjae/heechul)

title: one-second genius
summary: something about him makes you a genius, even if it’s only for that one second. hyukchul. wc: 3257.
warnings: chronology leaps, references tat only an obsessed hyukchul fan can identify, excessive parantheses. 
notes: this took me like 5 months to write, in between i think i must have wanted to trash it like ten times, but i guess i'm glad i din't.  for vindicated hyukchul fans the world over :D

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kyuhyun eyes closed

[suju] ficlet: i come with nothing (but these songs in my heart) (kyuhyun-centric, q+mi)

title: i come with nothing (but these songs in my heart)
summary: kyuhyun has a visitor while he's in hospital. kyuhyun-centric. vague q+mi.  wc: 525.
warnings: hmm, old ground tat's been re-trodden countless times? 
notes: this was just supposed to be 4 sentences as a preface to further plotlines, but kyu has a mind of his own. oh, well.

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[suju] fic: little spaces (in which to breathe) (henry/zhou mi friendship)

title: little spaces (in which to breathe)
summary: the moments before a breaking point. henry/zhoumi friendship. wc: 2288.
warnings: vague angst, biased viewpoints, non-chronological, overly specific references. 
notes: this was started a few days after the shanghai ss2, and is based off the fancams, reports and pics from that event.  not entirely objective (though when has fic-writing ever been that?) as the manner in which henry and zhou mi were treated by the shanghai fans was something that rubbed me completely the wrong way and i felt really strongly about it.

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hyukhae ear candy

[suju] ficlet: caveats (donghae/hyukjae)

title: caveats
summary: donghae can't be held responsible for what ensues when hyukjae's in short shorts and 3-inch heels. wc: 487.
warnings: fake!PWP, ie. badly written almost-pron. 
notes: so I just got news that I will be studying at NYU this fall, so to celebrate my entry into this hallowed institution, this is what I write.  This pic and this vid messed sufficiently with my brain that I couldn't help myself. 

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[je] fic: mugendai (eito, ryo/shige, ohmiya, au)

Title: Mugendai
Summary: Days in the lives of students at Japan's secret magical educational institution. Inspired by Lev Grossman's 'The Magicians'. Location and landmark references from WC: 6589.
Warnings: Made-up technical jargon? Shameless references?
Notes: Very likely my final je fic - written for je_holiday.  a million thanks to sanjihan for being an absolutely awesome beta at such short notice *loves*

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heechul sad

[suju] fic: seven years of love (heechul-centric, kangchul friendship)

Title: Seven Years Of Love
Written: 161209
Summary: Life was always a little easier, when he was around. Heechul-centric, Kangchul friendship. WC: 3227.
Warnings: Angst, depressing themes, overly-specific references, real-name usage, personal biases and run-on sentences galore.
Notes: 1st foray into Suju fic. Vaguely inspired by 'Through The Trees' by Low Shoulder, and Rumi's 'The Taste of Morning'. For ky_rin, who is as spazzy about Heechul as I am, and catskilt, who dragged me willingly into Suju fandom in the 1st place :)

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laying to rest

it's been more than a year, but a wonderfully glorious year - writing-wise.  j-pop fandom has some incredible stories that really revived my passion for writing, and everything - the various bands, their cons and tv shows and the fics tat spawned as a result - all synergistically combined to provide me with countless hours of enjoyable entertainment.

lately it seems tat i have moved on.  for certain individuals shige XDD i still go fangirlflailcrazy and i hope very very much tat i can still unearth tat one last je fic i noe should be within me in time for je_hols. 

unlike these remaining 2 bits tat will most likely always remain as they are.


inspired by jason mraz's 'details in the fabric':

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j-dorama crossover tat was not meant to be:

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